What type of remodeling projects does your company handle?
AAxis Remodeling specializes in windows, doors, siding, roofing and decks. We possess the experience to handle much more, but we like to specialize and take pride in windows, doors, siding, roofing and decks.
Is Axis Remodeling a residential or commerical contractor?
AOur primary focus is on residential remodels for homeowners looking for great service, competitive prices, and a remodeling company with exclusive products. Our true specialty is in energy efficient and long lasting products.
Do you build houses?
ANo. We do carry all the licenses and are highly qualified to perform alterations, renovations and builds. However we leave the ground up building to contractors and builders that specialize in that field.
I want to handle my own remodel project but need some professional help?
APerforming your own remodeling project can be fun and quite rewarding but also have many challenges. We can offer consulting for select phases that you may not want to tackle yourself.
Do you pull the necessary permits or do we have to?
ANot every home improvement project or remodel needs a permit. Axis Remodeling will handle the entire process including pulling a permit if required. Rest assured you and you’re family have nothing to worry about, you are in great hands.

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